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Jobs Taken by Robots


Tech News

Face-matching with Facebook profiles: How it was done

Carnegie Mellon researcher demonstrates a new Facebook privacy threat: profile photos can be used to ID people on dating sites and on the street. -

Buzz Out Loud 1524: The finger wiggle patent portfolio attacks (Podcast)

On today's show, Google is upset that its competitors are using a giant portfolio of patents to attack Android. Never mind that Google could have joined in the purchase of said portfolio or, more importantly, that it's got the clout and cash to lead a fight against software patents in the first place. Good try, though! Also, our government prepares for the next war on terror--cyber-terror--and will HBO Go ever go a la carte? We hope so! -

Apple iPhone shipments to hit 95 million in 2011?

That's the claim from DigiTimes, citing sources. The publication says Apple will ship about 6 million iPhone 5 units in the third quarter and over 20 million in the fourth quarter. -

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